Anne Westfield

Founder / CEO

Letters by Anne was birthed in 2016.

It all began..

When I set out to plan my baby shower, while six months pregnant with my oldest son. I was planning a superhero theme and wanted to announce to our guests our new addition’s name, but in a way that could be seen and touched; so, I sought out ideas on Pinterest and Etsy and could not find exactly what I was aiming for.

On par with the saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” Letters by Anne was born!

My husband, Kelly, and I decided to design our soon to be son’s name in the superhero theme we envisioned and received many compliments on the letters. Soon after, I found myself doing custom letters as gifts to friends and family, word traveled about the quality and beauty of the letters; the orders began coming in. That is when I realized these custom-designed letters were filling a creative void needing to be permeated.

Letters by Anne has become the perfect customized addition to any baby shower, nursery, wedding, office, and any room in your home. We make great gifts for all occasions. It’s not just something to look at (unless you want it to be); they are timeless pieces of art that can also be used as a learning tool for your little ones with spelling and letter recognition. Kids love things they are familiar with and, of course, bright colors with their favorite characters. Whether you decide to have your letters freestanding or hanging on a wall-your name deserves to be aesthetically spelled and crafted by us according to your vision.

No fancy machines here, just our creative minds, hands, and God!

We specialize in anything from cartoon characters to sports, for him or her-from abstract to elegant. While 9 inches is our default letter size, we have other letter sizes available, upon request, up to 23.5 inches.

Contact us now to get your letters canvased by Anne!

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Our Happy Hunnis

“Beautiful…. I LOVE IT!”

Sophonie T

“I love my letter so much. Thank you.”



KenDella B.

“It looks sooooo AMAZING!!!”

Katonya Richmond

“Beautiful…. I LOVE IT!”

Sophonie T

“I love my letter so much. Thank you.”


“Thank you so much. They loved them.”

Latoya E.

“Hey, the letters came today and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you they’re perfect."


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